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Please sign the letter below to help Rotary make history and create a polio-free world.

We believe that every child deserves the chance for a healthy life.

Through the provision of vaccines, we can help ensure a better future for millions of children around the world.

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to use the power of vaccines to wipe out a disease for good – polio.

We have the technical tools to end polio and the means to reach all children with immunizations.

We have developed a clear plan and we are confident we can achieve a polio free world.  

Ending polio means that no child anywhere in the world will have to suffer from this debilitating disease again.

And it will prove to the world that we can reach even the hardest-to-reach children with other vaccines and health services.

We call on world leaders to make the most of this window of opportunity and fully fund polio eradication efforts through to the end.

Together, we can create a brighter future for all the world’s children – beginning with a future free from polio.

I am signing on to join more than one million Rotarians and other supporters across the globe by sharing my voice in the fight to end polio now.