Petition Calls for Continued Canadian Leadership to End Polio Globally

The Canadian government has long been a leader and ally of Rotary in the fight to eradicate polio. The more than 25,000 members of Rotary clubs throughout Canada have worked side by side with the Government of Canada, Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) partners, and a wide range of stakeholders toward the goal of a polio-free world.

When Rotary and the Government of Canada first began working toward a polio free world in 1986, more than one thousand people contracted polio every day. We have made tremendous progress since that time. In 2016, the wild poliovirus struck only 37 children in only three countries.

The results of this collaboration are remarkable but we’re not done yet. US$1.3 billion is needed to stop polio transmission and continue to protect children throughout the world, including more than 400 million children in some 60 countries which remain at risk for outbreaks.

In 2016, the Government of Canada fulfilled its 2013 Global Vaccine Summit pledge of C$250 million to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. These funds have been critical to support polio eradication activities reaching the most vulnerable and at-risk children in Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other at-risk countries. Over the years, Canada has also matched contributions made by Canadian Rotarians toward polio eradication. A petition is now posted on the website of the Parliament of Canada where Canadian citizens can urge their government’s continued political and financial leadership toward ultimate victory over polio.

Canada was one of the earliest supporters of the global effort to end this disease, and it has remained a staunch supporter for more than 30 years, helping to bring the world to the brink of eradication. With their continued support, no child will ever again have to suffer the paralyzing impact of polio.

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Nancy Hoffman | Apr. 28, 2017