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With your help, we can end polio for good.



World Polio Day

24 October

One Day, One Focus, Ending Polio.

Did you watch our 6th annual World Polio Day event at the College of Physicians in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Watch the livestream program featuring global health experts and celebrities sharing our progress on the road to polio eradication.

I am from a generation who has witnessed the devastating effects of polio. When I discovered how close we were to eradicating polio, I was very motivated to be a part of this movement. It is so rare when you can accomplish something so spectacular.
Angelique Kidjo, singer-songwriter

3 Actions. 
3 Minutes.

A world of difference.


Get informed and help make polio a subject of conversation in your community.


Polio Facts


Most people have heard of polio but few know that the disease still affects children around the world. You can help by spreading the word.


Every donation helps us obtain the vaccines, transport and materials needed in the fight against polio.


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Climb every mountain

A Rotaractor ventures deep into her native Uganda with a polio vaccination team as part of Rotary’s newest virtual reality film, Two Drops of Patience.   

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Current Status

Since 1988, we’ve seen a worldwide reduction in polio cases of 99.9%. Last year we only saw wild polio cases in three countries.






Reported Cases

2015: 20
2016: 13
2017: 14



Reported Cases

2015: 54
2016: 20
2017: 08



Reported Cases

2015: 00
2016: 04
2017: 00

Miles to End Polio

Join Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko, Rotary leaders, staff, and members as they bike the El Tour de Tucson in Arizona, USA, to raise funds to support polio eradication efforts.


The History of Rotary & Polio

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