World Polio Day Resources

On 24 October Rotary International and partners will celebrate World Polio Day.
To help you organize your World Polio Day event, use the tools on this webpage to share the
message we can and we will end polio for good.

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Social Media

We need your help to spread the word that together, we will #EndPolio for good.

Campaign Hashtags: #EndPolio #WorldPolioDay

Download Sample Social Media Messages (.docx)

Eradicating polio isn’t easy, but making history never is. This #WorldPolioDay, join @Rotary and partners in the global fight to #EndPolio for good:

Trying to eliminate the second human disease might seem like an audacious goal, but Rotary members are tenacious. This #WorldPolioDay, join our tenacious fight. Together, we #EndPolio.

With support from donors, @Rotary and partners immunize over 400 million children every year from polio. Donate to @EndPolioNow on #WorldPolioDay and it will be matched 2-to-1. Triple your impact now: #EndPolio

A polio-free world is possible, but we can achieve it only by acting together. This #WorldPolioDay, join @Rotary on 24 October and together, we #EndPolio.

We once promised children a healthy, polio-free future...and we’re almost there – 99.9% to be exact. But we can’t stop now. This #WorldPolioDay, help us spread the word because polio anywhere is a threat to children everywhere

It was just 35 years ago that polio paralyzed 350k children annually. We can’t let the past become our present or future. Together we can #EndPolio, but we need your support this #WorldPolioDay:

Together, we #EndPolio. Only two countries continue to report wild #polio cases, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This #WorldPolioDay, let’s make history and shrink that number to zero:

No one should have to suffer from a preventable disease. This #WorldPolioday, join organizations like @Rotary, @WHO, @UNICEF, @CDCGlobal, @gatesfoundation, @Gavi and make an impact. Get involved:

Let’s make history together. Every donation on #WorldPolioDay helps obtain the vaccines, materials, transportation, and healthcare workers need to cross the finish line in the fight to #EndPolio

Think polio is a thing of the past? Not quite, but it will be. Join us on #WorldPolioDay so that together, we #EndPolio.

In our history-making era. We promised the world a healthy, polio-free future...and we’re almost there, 99.9% to be exact. This #WorldPolioDay, let’s make history and shrink that number to zero.

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Event Materials

Planning a World Polio Day event? Fundraiser? Awareness rally? Get
the materials you need to make your event a success.

Event Planning Guide
Donation Box Logo
End Polio Now Photo Booth Speech Bubbles
Charcoal Step & Repeat Backdrop
Purple Step & Repeat Backdrop
White Step & Repeat Backdrop
World Polio Day Event Flyer Template

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Public Relations

Letter to Editor Template

Tips for using templates for letters to the editor:

  • Review the guidelines of the media outlets you’ll send the letter to, and follow the instructions for submitting it.
  • Consider designating one person from your district or region, such as the Rotary public image coordinator or End Polio Now coordinator, to write and submit the letter. This will help prevent any outlets from receiving too many similar letters from Rotary members.
  • Personalize the letter. Include actions that you or your club or district have taken, or will take, to support polio eradication.

Rotary Brand Center

Rotary maintains an extensive inventory of high-resolution photos, HD videos, advertisements, and graphics to support polio eradication efforts. Use these materials to reach out to news media in your community or for your own events. Find these materials and more in Rotary’s Brand Center. You may be asked to create or sign into your My Rotary account. 

Explore the Brand Center